My Church 2016 Ornament

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This year you can start your collection of the NEW My Church 2016...perfect for display and of course for serving..It includes the first four days.... The following 8 days have already been designed so you can look forward to the next releases in 2018. I am very proud of this collection...As I painted the designs I really thought about what they represent!! It made my heart smile and made me realized how blessed I am!

When I thought about designing a new Christmas collection, the memory of the drawings and the work of the monks and scribes came back to me..I thought about the love and devotion they must have had to do the painstaking work...

"Noel" means Christmas...Christmas means our Savior and devotion, the painstaking work...the sacrifice He made for us, the gift...I realized I was given the gift of the inspiration from those of the 8th century....there is always a resaon "why"!

Isn't "Noel" beautiful ?!!! It sure makes me's designed for the KING ! Merry Blessings!

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