Annabelle 11 inch Dinner Plate

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I have always wanted to make up a story about "Annabella"...maybe she could be a sad maiden who lost her lover after duel, or maybe her lover died in the civil war, or on a riverboat after gambling away his fortune...while she was waiting on her plantation...

Truly the inspiration for Annabella comes, of course from my Southern heritage. Just the name makes one think of a grand plantation with moss hanging from the trees, beautiful linens on the table, and roses blooming in the garden. Every young women in the south was taught the proper way to set the table for large family dinners and in most homes the proper dinnerware was blue and white cherished and prized passed down from one generation to another. This Annabella is a new version of that cherished look that was inspired from thoughts of a southern lifestyle, a kind and gentle life dinner around the table, the way it should be today
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